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Consulting Services

Waste Reduction Group Inc. is the leading environmental consultant in Canada which has thorough knowledge of Ontario Regulations 101/94, 102/94, 103/94, 104/94 and offers a wide range of expertise to help clients become the best waste reducers and recyclers in their respective industries.

Waste Reduction Group Inc. provides consulting services nationally all across Canada

Waste Reduction Group Inc specializes in the following consulting services:

Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans Conducted based on the requirements of Ontario Regulation 101/94, 102/94, 103/94, 104/94 to maximize recycling potential for various clients in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors

Municipal Waste Audits, Municipal Waste Management Plans and Municipal Waste Composition Studies

Waste Composition Studies

Design and development of Source Separation Programs – developed to ensure clients meet the specific requirements of O.Reg.103/94.

Waste Reduction Work Plans and Waste Management Programs,

General Waste Management Consulting to evaluate existing Waste Management Plans and to set up Waste Management and Recycling programs  

Develop integrated waste management plans for various clients, analysing waste generation trends and material flow-through organizations.

Waste Management Training ranging from implementation to staff engagement of all key stakeholders 

3Rs Certified Wate Audits

Stewardship Ontario Reporting including prepare annual reports required by Stewardship Ontario determining applicable fees required to be paid by Stewards to assist in operating municipal Blue Box recycling programs.

Waste classification studies, reviewing and recommending optimal waste handling, storage, and disposal practices.

Experienced in obtaining environmental approvals and permits for clients.

Are you looking for an organization that will help you be on the forefront of the latest recycling initiatives?  Are you trying to align with the circular economy act, develop a zero-waste plan or implement the plastics ban within your organization?  Do you need to come into compliance a waste audit, and need guidance on how your organization can improve its waste reduction strategies and win awards?  Our skilled team of senior management, Professional Engineer Waste Audit Manager, Environmental consultants  and Field Technicians holding Environmental degrees, can help you today.

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