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Collection and Transportation of Recyclables and Waste

Integrated waste management services for industrial, commercial and institutional companies


Specialized Recycling and Disposal Services

Paper Shredding On-Site or Off-Site
Electronic Waste/Recycling
Construction Waste/Recycling
Industrial Plastic/Stretch Wrap Recycling
Pallet Recycling
Organics Recycling
Polystyrene Recycling
Soil Recycling
Coffee Cup Recycling


Traditional Recycling and Disposal Services

Junk Truck Clean-Up Service Front-End Waste Disposal Rear-End Loading Waste Disposal


Sorting & Baling of Recyclables or Waste Transfer Stations

• Electronic waste is handled and processed in Canada. We do not ship electronic waste to landfills in China.


End Sites or Final Destinations

• Mills process material such as paper & cardboard, glass, steel, aluminum and plastic to create raw material for new products
• Old fruits, vegetables and baked goods are transported to farms and fed to cows
• Food waste containing meat and biodegradable dishware is transported to government approved composting facilities
• General waste is transported to landfills located locally and in the United States.
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